1.      Deposition of Ultrathin Non-Metal Films (US Patent 3,463,667).

2.      Deposition of Ultrathin Metal Films (US Patent  3,463,663).

3.      Duoplasmatron Ion-Beam Apparatus (US Patent 3,408,283)

4.      Vacuum Sputtering (US Patent 3,409,529).

5.      Current controlled Negative Resistance Devices (filed with Philco-Ford Scientific Laboratory).

6.      Synthesis of cubic boron nitride films using the activated dissociation reduction reaction process, (US Patent 4,714,625).

7.      Synthesis of Nano Sized Oxide Ceramic Powders (Patent filed for in India).

8.            Lead Iron Tungstate (Relaxor Material) for Capacitive Transducer (US 6715 358 B2 ;  April 6, 2004)



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