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Prof. Ashutosh Sharma

Secretary, DST

I am delighted to note that thin film laboratory of IIT Delhi is celebrating its golden jubilee. This is also a time to recall and recognize both the seminal and continued contributions of Professor K L Chopra, whose relentless pursuits for excellence and relevance enabled the laboratory to achieve the prime position that it occupies.  He remains one of the guiding force for TFL today as well. It is a pioneering laboratory which seeded work in this very important and then emerging domain. 

I note that besides scientific contributions in terms of excellent publications, the laboratory filed many patents and transferred notable technologies to the industry. It is also heartening to note that manys of the alumni of this prestigious laboratory have started their own industries and came up with custom designed research and manufacturing equipment to meet the indigenous requirements.  The TFL has thus indeed been way ahead of its time in being a precursor of Innovate in India and Atam-Nirbhar Bharat.

The success of the international events organized by TFL is also an indicator of its global recognition. DST‘s association with thin film laboratory is not limited to only supporting the projects.  Many of the faculty members associated with TFL have contributed to enriching DST programmes in this domain through their unique expertise. 

I am sure that the laboratory would continue to pursue high caliber innovative research and develop technologies for future while indigenization of several thin film technologies of importance to country. 

I congratulate TFL for its glorious 50 years, which happen also to coincide with the Golden Jubilee of the DST this year!  I wish TFL continued scaling of new heights and indeed ever new wind to its sails. 

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma


Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Government of India