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1. For the first time, Ion Beams were used for sputter-deposition of thin films; covered by an important US Patent which Honeywell used for defending a legal 1.2 Billion dollar suit.
2. First known Superlattices (later made famous by Esaki ) which we called “Multilayer Optical Structures” for tailored properties.
3. Developed Physics and Technology of Transparent Conductors: Our innovations, SnO2 and ZnO which are plasma resistant, are used extensively by industry all over the world.
4. Developed Chemical Bath Deposition Process for II-VI Semiconductors. The process finds universal applications in Thin Film Solar Cell industries.
5. One of our research paper, entitled, “TRANSPARENT CONDUCTORS - A STATUS REVIEW, coauthored by CHOPRA KL, MAJOR S, and PANDYA DK, THIN SOLID FILMS 102 (1983) 1-46. has more than 1300 citations, and has been selected for “One of the seven highly cited scientist of India award" by ISI Web of Science in 2004.
6. Three of our patents (including the very first Indian one on Nano Al Mn2O3 Powder) have been sold to Industry
7. Several thin-film technologies have been transferred to Industry.
8. Established Specular Scattering of electrons from epitaxially grown metal film surfaces. Most mean free path limited transport processes in metal films have been studied by our group.
9. Discovered Effect of Electric Field on Nucleation & Growth of Thin Films.
10. Very early and significant contributions to transport phenomena in amorphous semiconductors (e.g., Ge and p and n type doped a-Ge- done before a-Si doped was published , a-GeTe , and various chalcogenides). Discovered the Giant Photocontraction Effect.
11. We have made very useful contributions to Optically Selective Coatings (an excellent example of Nano Structures – used long before the word Nano became popular) for Solar Thermal applications , Physics and technology of Thin Film Solar Cells , High Temperature Sulerconducting Films; Very Hard Coatings such as those of Diamond , BN, Carbides & Nitrides of Transition Metals; Thin Film Sensors etc.